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Hi Joshua,

We spoke before on Twitter. My name is Hoang, working on Vietnamese Translation for Blender.

I am stuck on this line:


	     "Propagate pose to all keyframes after current frame that don't change (Default behavior)"},

in the file:


I believe this was committed by you:

commit eef811a0954ad67a4667592c85cd95822d15e17c
Author: Joshua Leung <>
Date: Thu Mar 24 03:02:34 2011 +0000

Animation Tool: Propagate Pose

This tool automates the process of copying a pose to successive
keyframes, making it easier for animators to go back and change the
pose for some controls which remain "static" for periods of time.
Previously, animators would need to do a "{Ctrl-Pageup Ctrl-V} *
number_of_static_keyframes" dance for each set of controls that this
happened on, which is not too good ergonomically speaking.

There are two modes exposed via the menu (Pose->Propagate):
- "Pose Propagate" - also known as the 'WHILE_HELD' mode, which
propagates to all keyframes that are holding the same value
- "To Next Keyframe" - which only propagates the pose to the closest
keyframe in the occurring after (but not including) the current frame

Additionally, there are a few other modes that can be used, though
they are less useful for direct use from the UI, though they can be
used via the PyAPI as need be.

Could you explain for me what exactly do you mean by:

"While Held"

Is this like 'While TRUE'?

Hoang Tran



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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) closed this task as Archived.

"While Held" means keyframes are propagated to next frames as long as ("while") they hold the same value as the current frame ("held").

Thank you so much Brecht. That cleared my doubts.