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More "Groups" at the BGE Logic
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What i really miss at the Gamelogic all time, when i add some actions, that you can sort them in any way.
I end up all time with a long list of bricks, where you cant really see anymore, where it belongs to.

Thats whyi had the idea, that you can subdivide them into say, functions.
Like a tree at left side, where you can create a function or a group, like ie. Movement or behave objectX,
and you can put into this group all the bricks, what is assigned to a certain function. or object.
IE. timers for events, animation from certain objects,
It then could be called and listed as
object 1 animation
object 1 movement
object 2 animation
object 3 behavior

That way, you can find easier the bricks again, if you need to change, fix or improove again.
And secondly, you can see better what you get allready.

Just a thought..


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That being said, the game engine is being removed in the next major Blender version, and there are plans to create a new node based logic system later.

Upbge is quite active - with recently adding support for multiple render targets, bullet 3, and much more.

they may take a look at the idea.

I always thought color coded would be good (and you can hide by color)

Node color as well as noodle color

@ Jacob Merrill
Hi Thanks for your reply.
I am not sure now, if they now really want to change the whole UI and Game logic,
as some mention since years, but it never happens. "Next major Update" When is this. There been allready a few major updates.
There is a new Interview with Ton Roosendaal where he talks about new stuff,
but still not sure, if the gamelogic will change that soon or work simple with a node system, there will need to be an action system, as it has right now.
I dont think, they will leave it for coding only with nodes.
And maybe it will be a mix of both again, but i think, right now, no one has really a picture of it, how you can make the game logic efficiency but simple.
I can figure, it should be able to combine a lot things, and can link a lot together, like whole functions of animations and physical behavior.
But how to code that.
Anyway, i going to take a look into the UpBge, and see how things will turn out.