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Display method problem - changing display method from Solid to Lookdev or Rendered is crashing blender
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System Information
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Gtx 1080 Ti

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.80.0-git20180716.dc3b3d94538-windows64
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
Changing display method from Solid to Lookdev or Rendered is crashing blender.
It's happening only with scenes which were saved and opened again. With new, clean blender scene (with cube or other objects which i created inside blender,) this error is not happening until i save scene and i will open again. During creating scene and work with scene i can change display method with no problems. But if i will save this scene and i will open it again than i can't chage display method:( Blender is crashing during clicking on Lookdev or Rendered method button.
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Error reconstruciton:

  1. Make few boxes or spheres in new scene (it have to be a few new objects)
  2. Add principled BSDF for some objects (not for all is required)
  3. Save scene
  4. Open saved scene
  5. Try to change display methond from Solid to Lookdev of Rendered - blender is crashing and going to desktop.



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Please dont set priority yourself, someone will do that for you.
In my case, I'm not getting a crash with your file (fedora27, 970m with 390.59 drivers), but maybe someone else can reproduce?

Sorry for set priority by myself.
I will try to reproduce this error on 2 other computers today.

I found some little solution for my problem:

  1. go to settings and change Viewport quality to 0
  2. save settings
  3. quit from blender and run blender again
  4. load scene which has problems with previous settings
  5. now i can change a metgod display with no problem

I made test on the second computer - sorry, still blender crashing. Every time i will open saved scene and i will try to change method display than blender crash.
First computer was with 2 x xeon e5-2696v2 and GTX 1080 Ti, windows 10, 64 GB Ram (and two monitors connected to computers)
Second computer is 2 x xeon X5650, Gtx 960, Windows 10, 32 GB Ram (and two monitors connected to computers)
Maybe a two connected monitors are causign problems? Or double Xeon architecture?
Tomorrow i will make next tests with 2 laptops and with 1 desktop which has 1 monitor.


omg! I found real solution for all problems with my scene :) :) :) Wow!
Before i will try to change a method display i have to go to material window, and i HAVE to open preview window. Than select one object with material in 3D view, than this material is rendered in preview window (material editor) and than i can change method display with NO CRASH! :) I suppose that some piece of code have to loaded during material preview, and than full code is workink for 3d view:)

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) closed this task as Archived.

I'll assume this is solved, we fixed various issues with preview renders and viewport running simultaneously.