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Add-On Repository
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Support updating add-ons from within Blender.

Add-ons can currently be downloaded an installed, but there is no good way to update them.


While package management is a big topic. We should investigate having an add-on repository.

This functionality can it's self be an add-on, we should test such functionality carefully, since there is quite some scope for mis-use (users need to put complete trust in the author) on the other hand, this is already the case when downloading an add-on from the internet.

Examples of Application-Level Package Managers

Open Topics

  • Expand the scope of this project?

    Even if this isn't done initially, it could be allowed for in the design.
    • Application templates.
    • Themes.
    • Key-maps.
    • HDRI images, matcaps (overlaps with asset-manager).

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This problem feels like it has been solved already and has an available solution. PYPI. There even have all the code up and available:

PyPI Warehouse

They are storing version controlled, python files, is that not exactly what a big bunch of blender addons look like too.

It might be easier to look at what the pypi warehouse can do and remove functionality. Change the user authorisation to blender ID. If edits made are sensitive, it should be possible to maintain a soft fork of pypi that would allow future edits upstream be merged in down stream. The biggest question would be where would the repo be hosted and who would maintain it.

They call pypi their cheeseshop, and people get their wheels, of cheese.

Looking at extending the suzanne model, operation. What do monkeys like, bananas. So an addon is a banana, and they are all stored in the banana-tree. Call it all NANA for short, or BANA (Blender Addon Nest Assets)