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Dynamic Paint generated Vertex Influence affects Size of Particle system but nothing else.
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System Information
Windows 10,

Blender Version
Broken: Master branch Hash 018c9af446d, also 2.79b doesnt work
Worked: no idea.

Short description of error
when using vertex paint to generate influences on a vertex group its all fine, but when applied that vertex group to a particle system it only works in the "length" but not on any of the other particle inputs.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Its a bit long but simple, so im providing a file rignt up to test.

  • Create an object that will be canvas (plane?)
  • Subdivide it so you have enough vertices to play with
  • Go on the dynamics tab, select dynamic paint
  • Add Canvas
  • Under Dynamic Paint advanced select surface type: Weight
  • under Dynamic Paint Output hit the plus sign to create a vertex group (dp_weight is the default, that should be fine.)
  • go on the second object,,
  • go in the dynamics tab, select dynamic paint
  • this time add brush
  • make an animation (or you can use it interactively in play) of the brush object to go touching the canvas object.
  • on the canvas object, go to the particles property and add a new particle system
  • make it be hair
  • go under the vertex groups tab, and under length pick your vertex group (the only one there is)

if you push play, you should seee the hair grow as the brush object goes throught the canvas object.

  • now add the vertex group to any of the other vertex group inputs like Density

it completely stops working while it should



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Thanks for the report, but that is a known limitation of current particle system, not considered a bug.

Ah darn, why does it work with size and not density? Shouldnt this limitation affect both?