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EEVEE - Adaptive Irradiance Probe
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In many cases, esp. corners of the interior ( at ArchViz scene) there appear problems with proper shadowing of objects by Irradiance Probe..
Eevee needs improvement for the irradinace calculation to avoid invalid light splotches esp. in regions where the single irradiance probe cell is crossing the mesh face.

I would like to propose to implement an Adaptive option to the Irradiance Probe.

  • It could be detect objects proximity somehow ( i.e. like AO is calculated ) to find where the Adaptive subdivision of Probes should be placed
  • user can set maximum the subdivision for the adaptive probes and engine could calculate needed value for specific objects proximity (equal or less to the value set by user ).
  • to avoid huge memory usage Adaptive subdivided probes could be share the memory cell size of the BASIC Irradiance probe ( use 100%-125% of memory of the base irradiance probe cell )
  • there could be an option to place Adaptive probes only at the Front-Face of the object ( to skip placing at the back-face ) - it could be spare some memory used for Adaptive Irradiance
  • to avoid bright light leaks Irradiance cloud have and option to "make backface SOLID FLAT BLACK" to avoid wrong light calculation for example for the inside walls structure of interior ( it is usually solid so do not transfer any light ). I made some tests with material where I set backface as solid black and it really helps for irradiance light leaks at corners.
  • maybe there should be an option to store Bake Lights in external file ( not inside the blend with the scene ).

What do you think about this kind of improvement?

Some crappy image of the idea you can find here:


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Bastien Montagne (mont29) closed this task as Archived.Aug 7 2018, 8:53 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, but we do not accept feature requests or suggestions on this tracker (use forums or bf-funboard ML for that).

Ok. Thanks! Understood.
Just remember about this when the team decide to develop Irradiance computation for Eevee.
Current solution is not good for professional ArchViz.
If you need I can send you my test scene with some kitchen to do some tests (it is a real-life project that is going to be build).