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Manual stopped updating from svn
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The online build of the Manual/Docs stopped updating from svn,
since Wed, Aug 8 (last was r4395).



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@Dan McGrath (dmcgrath) any reason for this? I heard there was some server issues recently? If this is not on your end can you paste any error logs?

Dan McGrath (dmcgrath) closed this task as Resolved.Aug 14 2018, 8:03 PM
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Seems that on or around the 11th I did some port maintenance and stopped cron so that the manual wouldn't try running while I was working. Unfortunately I also forgot to restart it. As well, there were actually other issues WRT the new IP being used that would have blocked things. I think it should be all working now though.

I did a manual rsync of the builds that ran while I was fixing things. Try an actual test change and see if it shows up in a reasonable amount of time, and let me know. Thanks!

Oh, I forgot to rsync the base manual actually! I only did the languages. Check again in about 5 minutes, it's running now.

Ah, there was also a left over cruft temporary lock file (I use them to prevent multiple runs of builds) that was left around blocking engilsh. It should be up to date now.