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Support a variety of other tasks:

  • viewport speed (FPS, texture loading)
  • baking
  • simulation
  • encoding

More ideas welcome!



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Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) triaged this task as Normal priority.


Breaking Cycles down into more benchmarks

  • Preprocessing speed
  • Raytracing speed


  • Viewport speed (Testing hundreds of thousands of objects, selecting, duplicating, deleting etc.etc.etc)
  • File Loading (Large complex scene files)
  • Scene FPS with static objects, with moving objects (non-deformation), with moving objects & armature animation, with moving objects and armature animation with subsurf

VSE Export & playback speed


Movie Clip Tracking speed

Render options:

  • Used title size,
  • Used render engine as well as devices,
  • Certain performance of shader,
  • Time spend on physics,
  • Time spend on updating geometry,
  • Breakdown through entire process in times (loading, updating, starting engine, loading textures, rendering glossy, diffuse, transmission, etc),


  • Texture load speed (from hard drive),
  • Max texture size available (avg can be good for some users),
  • Sound computing time, (if any, especially for surround sound),
  • Saving file time (or composing output file time, to compare different file formats),
  • Device battery level, or if its plug to power supply (matter for mobile devices, if device is on battery it will try to save as much battery as possible taking down computing efficiency)

Those are only ideas, you can pick any of them if it suites the need.

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