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Blender Benchmark crashing
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System is Windows 7. GPU is GTX970.

Benchmark runs fine on CPU.
The first time I tried to do GPU quick test the Benchmark crashed.
When it crashed there was a pop-up saying the benchmark had crashed but I could still post my successes. Surely the failures are useful to you as well?

I decided to give it another go, downloaded and installed again. This time I was able to do a quick test of both CPU and GPU. I ran the full test with CPU and got a result . I then tried to do a full GPU test and it crashed again, this time tripping the CUDA memory forcing a GPU reset. This time there was no pop up message.

Finally, on the opendata site you are only showing the 5 fastest processors and giving no breakdown on specific GPU's. Essentially it tells me nothing about where my system sits.



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Hi Peter,

Could you please edit the report so that it only features the issue you encounter?
You can copy all the other suggestions and feedback over to the feedback forum. Thanks!

I see the same issue on macOS 10.13.6 and Windows 10, and in my case it (seems to crash only when the test is running via AMD GPU (either dGPU or eGPU). Also I notice the test seems to fail at the same point (early in the Classroom image test) but without warnings or error dialogs afterward. The test just hangs and sits there on screen indefinitely, Mac and PC.

CPU tests so far always run through as expected and also I can get the test to run normally and finish on the PC, using an NVIDIA 10-series card connected via eGPU. Attempting test via NVIDIA dGPU on PC now. Will report back.

No crash on NVIDIA dGPU.