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Crash when selecting Grease Pencil objects with no Grease Pencil brushes active
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System Information
Win 10 Pro 64bit/GTX960M

Blender Version
Broken: (blender-2.80 20b30b6bee5)

Short description of error

When I select a Grease Pencil object it automatically crashes and closes blender. I've tried with every render engine, but the problem remains.

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Joshua Leung (aligorith) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

Cannot reproduce (Win10, GTX1080Ti, 76ea32d192693ac0d46270dd30c7e50a0bfcea62)

Please provide a more detailed bug report as instructed, including a simple test file and the precise steps needed repeat this bug. Right now, it's unclear what other editors you may have open (and on what tabs), what objects are present in the scene, etc.

I looked up at some forums and resetting to factory settings solved it. In case you want to find out what the problem was, I will send a

.blend file and a screenshot annexed.

Open blender
Clicking in Grease Pencil Object in the middle of the screen (see screenshot) blender crashes.

Deleting everything and adding a new grease pencil object
Switch to draw mode
Blender Crashes

(Btw emulate Numpad feature is not working)

Confirmed here on Windows 10 MSVS2017 Debug Build

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@Charlie Jolly (charlie) Thanks, looks like an easy fix.

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