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Search code problem on OpenData.Blender website
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It seems to be a bug at after clic on "public link", the search engine seems to be out of order (we see code only).
Alas the same problem is found on each "search" of the website...
and so on...

Screen capture :

Hoping this helps !

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This actually the expected behaviour of the "view benchmark" page. The code that you see is the actual result of the benchmark.
We plan to add a description that better explains that, as well as some charts that show the result in context of the other results on the platform. Thanks for the feedback!

Ok, thanks for the answer, so... Why to show only the 5 fastest GPUs and CPUs and not all the tried ones ?
This could be very useful for all users, and more motivating to everybody trying the benchmark software, you don't think so ?

We definitely plan to provide some more in-depth metrics for certain results.
Check the rest rest of the work board to get an idea of what is coming next. In particular T56478 and T56323 will (at least partially) address your question. For the rest, there's T56320.

Thank you very much for your answers Francesco :-)