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Problem appending from files between 32bits and 64bits versions
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I know you guys aren't officially working on 64bits versions yet, so probably you'll want to put this in the fridge, but it looked interesting to me:

When working with a 64bits blender (linux), if I try to append anything from a file that got written by a 32bits blender (linux or windows), in the file selector, the display of availible objects, materials, etc... is messed. It shows the right number of items, but their name is either made of a soup of characters or blank. If you select some, some of them got appended correctly, some come as duplicates (and get named xxx.001), some don't append at all.

Exactly the same thing happens the other way, if you try, from a 32bits version, to append stuff from a 64bits-saved file.

If you don't append but just open the file instead, everything works perfectly fine.

This happens with all my files, so I didn't find useful to put one here as example, but let me know if I should...

Thanks to everybody there for the wonderful work.


(Recent CVS version, ubuntu 64bits: home-compiled, Windows XP: graphicall build )



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