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Clean up authentication system
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The current authentication system is a big pile of microwave spaghetti (not to be confused with delicious spaghetti) and should be cleaned up.

  • Stop calling authentication tokens 'id'. For example, currently session['user_id'] is an authentication token.
  • Stop putting secret information in the session. The aforementioned session['user_id'] is sent as-is to the web browser. This is like sending a password back and forth all the time.
  • Have one module that handles authentication, and one place to store the authentication information once someone is logged in succesfully.
  • Either accept a Authorization header or do a CSRF check, but don't do both.
  • Create one way to load the user from the database in the authentication system. Currently a UserClass instance can be created empty with only an authentication token, or filled with information from the database. It's unclear which one is used in which situation.


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