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Everything nodes with Sverchok
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Cannot see any proposals named "everything nodes".
We are not much in C coding sadly. But can learn.
Breafly in Sverchok we need to have some abilities:
0.OpenGL representation node for verts/edges/pols (only to show XYZ, non textured stuff)
1.generate mesh and objects from vertices/edges/polygons
2.have own data type as numpy arrays.
3.have numpy nested lists and make all pythonic operations with them.
4.graphs (as RGB) using inside interface
5.have loops for recursions inside node tree (special node with own sockets, but more possibility)
6.Unwrapping to make it on generated geometry
7.texture manipulations inside same node tree maybe or kind of sverchok remote control node (maybe convention of sockets data naming)

Here there are more suggestions for 2.8 mainly our API fears:

Than we could insert our lists manipulations and generators of Sverchok.
Some stuff intersecting with AN, but not lists of nesty data.
And some other
Maybe Dealga McArdle and Linus Yng will add some thoughts

P.S. Do not see where to start such discussion. If something - tell me.


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I think would be a better place for this discussion.

I think would be a better place for this discussion.

ok, will replace there

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) closed this task as Archived.

Right, to do tasks here are for developers to organize what they are working on, for suggestions and discussion is the place.