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Tooltip flicker alpha on redraw
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Using the toolbar, move your cursor over the buttons until tooltips show, as you move your cursor, notice the outline and shadow flickers.

As well as this the alpha of the tooltip changes.

In rB58a8277098b5c8cf43985d7955ad5e5c6f7894ae this is also an issue with the redo panel.

I've looked into this bug and am quite sure its related to the way buttons draw with a batch cache, since replacing the draw calls using UI_draw_roundbox_4fv doesn't have the problem.

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Here's a gif showing the flicker in case a repro is hard to see -- happens on my 2 Win10 machines, 1 with nVidia Quadro and 1 with AMD fire pro

@Clément Foucault (fclem), note: checking over the code it seems the use-case for optimized button drawing is quite different to tooltip backdrop where it's not really such an advantage,
so I don't think it's so bad to avoid the problem and use UI_draw_roundbox_4fv for tooltips too.

It does mean we'd loose the outline and drop-shadow though (unless it's re-implemented).