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Crash - Principled Shader with Transmission greater than 0
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System Information
Windows 10 5820K GTX 970

Blender Version
Latest local build on my machine - code updates this morning
Latest daily build - 11th Sep -2.79-76a4042c23f-win64

Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
If you increase the value of transmission above zero there is a crash.

Stack seems to indicated an issue with closure code - which from my very limited knowledge seemed to have been altered in recent change.
So perhaps linked to 76a4042c23f7 ???

Stack output below.

blender.exe!ccl::closure_alloc(ccl::ShaderData * sd, int size, ccl::ClosureType type, ccl::float3 weight) Line 28 C++

	blender.exe!ccl::bsdf_alloc(ccl::ShaderData * sd, int size, ccl::float3 weight) Line 60	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::svm_node_closure_bsdf(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, ccl::ShaderData * sd, float * stack, ccl::uint4 node, ccl::ShaderType shader_type, int path_flag, int * offset) Line 387	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::svm_eval_nodes(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, ccl::ShaderData * sd, ccl::PathState * state, ccl::ShaderType type, int path_flag) Line 216	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::shader_eval_surface(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, ccl::ShaderData * sd, ccl::PathState * state, int path_flag) Line 1020	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::kernel_path_indirect(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, ccl::ShaderData * sd, ccl::ShaderData * emission_sd, ccl::Ray * ray, ccl::float3 throughput, ccl::PathState * state, ccl::PathRadiance * L) Line 458	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::kernel_branched_path_surface_indirect_light(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, ccl::ShaderData * sd, ccl::ShaderData * indirect_sd, ccl::ShaderData * emission_sd, ccl::float3 throughput, float num_samples_adjust, ccl::PathState * state, ccl::PathRadiance * L) Line 308	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::kernel_branched_path_integrate(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, unsigned int rng_hash, int sample, ccl::Ray ray, float * buffer, ccl::PathRadiance * L) Line 559	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::kernel_branched_path_trace(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, float * buffer, int sample, int x, int y, int offset, int stride) Line 613	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::kernel_cpu_avx2_path_trace(ccl::KernelGlobals * kg, float * buffer, int sample, int x, int y, int offset, int stride) Line 95	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::CPUDevice::path_trace(ccl::DeviceTask & task, ccl::RenderTile & tile, ccl::KernelGlobals * kg) Line 695	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::CPUDevice::thread_render(ccl::DeviceTask & task) Line 758	C++
	blender.exe!ccl::CPUDevice::thread_run(ccl::DeviceTask * task) Line 445	C++
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Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Load attached scene
  2. Increase transmission in PrincipledShader
  3. Crash