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Extra Easy Import
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If anyone is willing to provide a very desirable feature which may not be very technical to implement, I suggest an extra-easy import feature, reached via File, Import, All (or Easy, or Auto, or Any, or or something like that). This may be really good to have for 2.8 (or 2.81...)

Actual Behavior:

  • You must already know the type of file you are importing before import (not desirable for large local collections of assets)
  • Blend files require separate "Append" feature

Expected Behavior:

  • ...shows all supported extensions by default (compiles list of extension strings, including "blend" and any supported by enabled Import-Export addons which have an import feature)
  • ...shows thumbnails if filename_PREVIEW.jpg exists in same directory as filename.x where x is extension of a file supported by any import addon or blend file (or have option to generate thumbnails using similar procedure as blend files, using import plugins while the dialog box is open--cancel remaining queued jobs on exit of Import dialog).
  • ...shows thumbnails by default
  • If a blend file is chosen (highlighted once, then clicked again, or Import button is clicked) import all items from Object directory immediately (instead of listing all directories)
  • Automatically choose most desirable import plugin after converting extension on selected file to lowercase and searching through plugins (unless is blend, then see above)--manually choose plugin such as by choosing a filter list such as:

*.* (All Files)
*.blend, *.dae, *.obj (Supported Files) <default>
*.3ds (Autodesk 3DS Format)
*.blend (append Objects and their dependencies, rename on name collisions)
*.obj (Wavefront OBJ Format)
*.obj (some other OBJ Format plugin)



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OK gotit. I'm not sure if that's in order since I already posted it here incorrectly, but I went ahead and posted it on there as well Right-Click Select: Extra Easy Import