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Outliner collection / object duplicate hierarchy
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It would be useful to be able to duplicate an entire hierarchy of collections of objects.


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I'm beginning to think this should be a sub-menu when right clicking a collection in the outliner instead of a separate "Duplicate Hierarchy" option.
Somewhat like this?

Duplicate =

  • Duplicate (New collection with linked contents)
  • Duplicate Hierarchy (Duplicate entire hierarchy and make all contents single user)
  • Duplicate Linked Hierarchy (Same as "Duplicate Linked" operation [linked object data but new objects] but with the hierarchy of the collection)

I have no idea about the naming right now.
@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) What do you think about this whole thing?

@Julien Kaspar (JulienKaspar) I like the idea, and in fact got Duplicate Linked Hierarchy to work here (not committed yet). Duplicate Hierarchy is more tricky, but I'm trying to find a way to do it while keeping the code manageable.

@William Reynish (billreynish) any remarks on that task?

No remarks. This makes sense to add.

@Julien Kaspar (JulienKaspar) what is your thought on the "Duplicate" operator? As far as its children collections are concerned?
Right now we are literally linking the old nested collections inside the new one parent collection.
(it is a bit complicated to explain, easier if you try in 2.80 without the patch even).

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) I never really saw the current "Duplicate"operator in the outliner as that useful in comparison to a proper "duplicate hierarchy" or "duplicate linked hierarchy" operator.
It can become useful sometimes but often isn't even that much of a time saver in comparison to just creating a new collection, box selecting the old contents you need and LMB + Ctrl dragging them to the new one.

Right, but part of this is because its current functionality is really that limited.
If we were to change it (e.g., copy collections as new collections, respecting hierarchy, but leave the same objects linked) it would be useful no?

Yes I guess that would be more useful than the current way it works but I can't remember if I ever needed that kind of operator. This would be for very specific corner cases.

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I end up removing the original operator. It was indeed useless. Now collection follows the logic of objects (as far as UI goes), so only duplicate collection and duplicate linked options.

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) Just tried it out and it works great! One confusing thing is the name "Duplicate Collection". It implies that only that collection will be duplicated instead of the entire hierarchy.
I think overall the naming and tooltips are becoming a bit confusing but that's perhaps a different issue.

What about:

  • Duplicate Linked
  • Duplicate Hierarchy

As the two options?

Sounds good I think with those new names.


The naming for delete is pretty clear: "Delete" for the what you selected and "Delete Hierarchy" for the entire Hierarchy of the selection.
"Duplicate Linked" doesn't imply the hierarchy part. It could just as well be the default duplicate linked operator for objects.
Naming it "Duplicate Hierarchy Linked" is clearer but maybe too long?

I think there should eventually be a place for the default operators "Duplicate Objects" and "Duplicate Linked" in the outliner as well so the new ones should be compatible in terms of naming with those.

please, duplicate and also istantiate

it would be useful to use "shift or ctrl or alt + drag" to duplicate or instantiate, as happens with icons in operating systems, and a third combination needed for a menu appears asking if you want to duplicate or instantiate