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Having two wacom tablets will not work well and Blender does not have modern Graphics tablet support.
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Could not get pen pressure sensitivity to work. Read a really old closed bug about the same problem and saw that it must be some sort of name problem so I unplugged by other tablet and then Blender started working like it should.

So if you plug in two graphics tablets (in my case a wacom intuos M and a bamboo S) (A good thing in Krita because you then get to have 4 pens at the same time) Blender stops seeing the pressure. I did not think to test pressure on the other tablet, maybe it would still be working there.

This seems to be the case in both 2.79 and 2.8

So another related point, blender only sees one stylus. It does not see the eraser at all. In Krita you can have the stylus be one paintbrush and the erase another paintbrush of your choosing. If you have two tablets then you get two brushes on each tablet. According to Wacom, if I had a pro tablet then it could also see multiple pens on one tablet instead of just one pen.

There is also no way to adjust the buttons and pressure curves in Blender but you can in Krita. I think it is important for Blender to have top quality graphics tablet interfaces as Grease Pencil and sculpture become more important to Blender with each passing year. Krita works very well with my tablets. I think it is a good example of how Blender should be.

Manjaro KDE linux, 10.10.18 2.8 Blender


Douglas E Knapp



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Thanks for the report, but this does not qualify as a bug. It's an improvement / feature request that we do not handle in this tracker. Currently Blender simply does not support multiple tablets.

OK, but it should still run when they are plugged in. I know a lot of arts that plug more than one in. It does not need to support them but it should at least warn you that when you plug in two tablets it will break the program. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why pressure sensitivity failed!