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Blender Addon Registry
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Some years ago I made an addon to manage an online registry of addons. It seemed natural to me (and still does) that addons could be downloaded on the fly inside Blender, rather than either having bundled addons (i.e. downloaded and installed by design, but I don't use most of them) or having no standard way to install addons retrieved from internet.

I did not received any feedback from Blender developers so I didn't push this addon forward, but I just discovered this website so here it is again.

Not sure if it directly works, e.g. GitHub may have changed something in the URL for accessing the registry JSON. Anyway, it was just a proof of concept, hopefully you will like it and adopt this concept into Blender, i.e. redesign the addon window a bit, host the registry on or something, etc.




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This is mainly a bug tracker so closing this.

You should get in touch with the community at

There definitely is potential to have addons more accesible this way and it's very possible that's what Blender Cloud will eventually also be used for.

Sorry, opened again as I see it's a Patch and can't judge the code^^ Still a good idea to further discuss this on devtalk or mailing lists.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) closed this task as Archived.

hi, were you still developing this? I think it's great concept but seems hard to set up? As 2.8 beta has been released, we could look at something like this again at some stage. It may be better to archive this task and start a new task when it's updated to Blender 2.8 series. One note, Easy of use and installation set up should be all behind the scenes or via check boxes in the addons preferences. I think matpi? did a similar one also?

i think it's best to archive this for now, Please feel free to submit a version for Blender 2.8 and discuss in the dev talk. The core dev team will need to set requirements and guidelines at some stage if something like this is to work and be accepted.