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Animated Boolean breaks textures
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System Information
Windows 10

Blender Version
Broken: fcc88a6bf04
Worked: 2.79b

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
create 2 objects with one of the object boolean the other object
animate one of the objects so that the boolean is cutting through the objects (al of this works)
ad a mapped material or procedural material the object being differenced out but the boolean object
the texture should either default, average out or do something strange.

When reproduce its works attached is the file that doesn't work we believe it is some the something to do with the way the textures are mapped. {F5034736}We have tested this but still not sure already





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We believe something may have gone wrong with the Principle BSDF

please check that

we keep looking at our end on to if replacing all the Principle BSDF nodes bring out work back to life

Stay awesome guys


Please post screenshots, otherwise this is too vague.

To add to this mapped texture, not procedural arent working properly for us we can't help but think something is happening when the textures compile

sorry about not posting the blender files its been some long days on this project

thanks Ad

Maybe this helps?

Watch out that you have 2 Material Outputs in your shader tree both for Eevee. AFAIK Cycles used to use the one that is clicked on but not sure, can cause issues.

What resolution is your HDRi and textures?

My texture and HDR is power of two. texture is 1024x1024 and HDR is 4096x2048... I just use these because Unreal likes them because GPUs love them.

Animating the bool is also possible.

Honestly it's fine to post but it always pays triple to first read before you do it and clear up anything "unclear" upfront. There is a lot of detective work going on with your posts and they are riddled with typos.

this should be

mapped to the metal pipe and read clearly. the texture should not swim as well


Can Confirm It's true that Boolean modifier seems to break UVs. Doesn't really matter if it's animated or not. If you apply modifiers the UV Map is simply gone. It works fine in 2.79b also for Material viewport shading mode.

2.8 Eevee, Boolean OFF:

2.8 Eevee, Boolean ON:


Also Carve and Bmesh are gone (I guess Bmesh is used). I often found that Carve even though it's slower works better in some cases so it definitely is useful to have it as an option. Unless Bmesh has been perfected also for thin meshes - without volume and not manifold - as that's where I found it has issues. Works better and faster for a lot of other issues like intersecting geometries..

@adam earle (adamearle) You can use Object mapping with your texture, just set it to Box projection and ramp up blend to between 0.07 (James Bond value) and 0.2..

Bloody championed it mate
Glad we're not crazy
Sorry for being vague I will do my best to level up

Thank for your patients

Box mapping

@adam earle (adamearle) could you please change the name of the task and it's description so that it's clearer?

This is true only when the second object doesnt have UV coordinates, right?
(if the cutout object has UVs itself it should work)

Then this is a duplicate of T59304

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.