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refraction / reflection is stretching on edges (EEVEE)
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System Information
windows 10 home, linux manjaro
gpu: amd asus R9 390 (driver is 18.9.3)
Blender Version

Short description of error
EEVEE (both render and viewport)
refraction / reflection problem when view from sides (close)

here for example of eye, cornea (outer layer of eyes) and eye is inside



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Ali Najafi (shylon) renamed this task from refraction / reflection is stretching on edges to refraction / reflection is stretching on edges (EEVEE).

Don't think there is a problem with reflection but there is an issue with refraction.

Refraction is done from screenspace data in Eevee (as in Unreal for example) so what you can see can be refracted.

In this case unfortunately the inner part of the eye is hidden by the top of the nose to Eevee so it can't guess what should be refracted there easily and actually it seems that the nose is used instead..

Maybe try to increase the refraction depth setting?

However this is a technical limitation of sorts. I know for a fact that the exact same problem happens in Unreal so the reason for it to stay this way is most probably a trade-off between performance +stability +temporal consistency VS this problem occuring.

it might be better to "stretch" pixels from nearest neighbor in a kind of a smart way to counteract this issue but that is so so much easier said than done and there's more pressing issues now.

Maybe @Clément Foucault (fclem) can shed some light into this.

thank you, well, setting refraction depth remove stretches (something like 0.0001) but it is like the inner eyes are sunken, and more value the eyes are black.

Also please check Unreal Engine 4 Doc, it uses new eye shader for refraction

Photorealistic Character in UE4

Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Confirmed, Low priority.

I'm quite sure this is just a limitation of screen space refractions. But I'll let fclem have the last word on this.