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Change sculpting brushes shortcuts.
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I use sculpting a lot and from my point of view, the current shortcuts for brushes are completely nonsense.
I will list the most used brushes and suggest new meaningful shortcuts for them..

1 - Clay Strips : C
2 - Crease: Shift + C
3 - Grab : G
4 - Snake Hook : Shift + G
6 - Flaten : S
7 - Scrape/peaks : Shift + S
8 - Pinch/Magnify : P
9 - Inflate : I
10 - Mask : M

Thumb, Layer, SculptDraw, Nudge and Rotate are the least used brushes thus dont need shortcuts



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Check here for more info on the process of how this was thought out: T55162

Can't really say if it should be changed or not as for example pressing P and C and I and S is just a lot of finger moving around.

Also you can of course make a personalized keymap that's very easy to transfer from one PC to another.

That was actually what resolved all the heated discussion about shortcuts. There's lots of opinions on a relatively subjective matter.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but this website is not for users to make design proposals.

I don't know where to put this:

Today I downloaded blender 2.8 and the sculpt brushes shortcuts are the old way now!

I don't know who decided that, because now its more frustrating and hard to memories than the new way!

3 weeks ago I started using sculpting in 2.8 daily, and it took me no time to memories the shortcuts, since you can toggle between brushing using the same shortcut, and most of the time you don't have to hit more than a key! which is what blender is!

Please bring back the shortcuts that were introduced in 2.8