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Transform gizmo: Scale handles and rotation handles overlap
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When using the Transform gizmo, sometimes the scale handles and rotation handles overlap. This happens often in the side view. The problem is that it makes it almost impossible to use the scale handles then. I think we should always evaluate the scale handle input first, because the rotation handle goes around the whole object anyway:

There are also cases where the rotation circles will be in front of the move-arrows. So we should apply this to both the scale and move handles.

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Why not simply put the scale handles outside the rotation gizmo sphere.

Yes that could also solve the same issue, at least when viewed from the side view.

I think evaluating the scale and transform handles before rotation and putting them outside the "rotation sphere" would be the best solution - even when in 3D view.

In this case, If you orbit around the " Multimanipulator" in 3D view, in most cases two out of three scale or rotation handles will not be covered by the "rotation sphere", which means 2/3 less of a chance of performing an accidental rotation instead of for example scaling - which happens to me all the time, If I'm not precise enough :)

I'll spam this here too:

It's an issue related to transform tool which I strongly believe should be finally solved for 2.8. Basically, ability to snap to rotation increments when using rotate tool should not be dependent on the state of "incremental" (snap to grid) snapping mode.

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