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Circle Select Tool Todo
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Circle Select Tool Todo

  • Add Radius control to the tool settings, to set the radius of the select brush
  • There should be a brush circle size preview cursor always visible, just like a paint tool. Currently the radius is only visible while painting your selection.
  • Currently, Circle Select only selects object origins. Add enum option to select normally too.
  • Add options to create new selections, add to selections or subtract from selections.
    • 3D view.
    • UV editor.
    • Action editor.
    • Annotations.
    • Tracking.
    • Node.
    • Graph.


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Only for 3D view, work is needed for UV editor too.

Only for 3D view, work is needed for UV editor too.

Hehe, typical code duplication in Blender. :) Don't forget UV editor is just a tip of the iceberg:

I know this is a bit unrelated, but for example lasso selection suffers similar problem. It has different implementations across different editor, and in some of them it's missing either deselect or extend property, and in others one or the other sometimes doesn't work.

Why not just implement it once and reference the code across all the editors?