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Saving a file with the viewport in Rendered shading mode ( in Eevee or Cycles ) and reloading shows the viewport in Solid mode
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System Information
Windows 10, GTX1070

Blender Version
Broken: 2.8 Alpha 2 - 8e3a680ebe3

Short description of error
Shading mode isn't saved properly for Rendered. It reverts to Solid instead.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Load a new scene
  2. Change the viewport render mode to Rendered
  3. Save the scene
  4. Reload the scene.

The viewport reverts to Solid.

For all other modes ( Wireframe, Solid, LookDev ), saving a file and re-loading keeps the correct mode.



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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) claimed this task.

This is by design and was the same in 2.7.

Loading the full rendered scene can take a long time or take more memory than available if the file was saved on a more powerful computer. So to avoid problems we do not keep rendered mode active.

A better fallback for Rendered mode might be LookDev, rather than Solid?

For a heavy Cycles production scene where someone was saved it while working in rendered mode, it's still not ideal to load it in LookDev mode with potentially heavy Eevee materials. I think Solid is the safer fallback still.

It would be great if this was a togglable option.

Some advantages...

  • For new artists loading up sample Eevee scenes, they don't have to be familiar with the interface to see the great end results of Eevee ( and cycles ). The current sample scenes for 2.8 aren't be that heavy.
  • For existing artists re-loading their scenes that they previously saved in Render mode, they currently see a different result on load ( inconsistency ). If they are reloading their own scenes on their own computers ( most common scenario ), they already know their computer will handle their scene.

For artists loading a heavy scene saved in Render mode and seeing a crash ( probably not a common occurrence ), there could be both a command line option, and also an option in the Load area, similar to "Load UI", to say "Load in Shaded mode"

This is more of a workflow issue, defaulting to the best option for the most common usage, and allowing an easy option for not-so-common or edge cases, where an experienced artist will find it easier to resolve with the available options.

While this issue is pretty old, I'd also like to add my two cents (as it caught me by surprise and I totally expected it to be a bug at first).

I believe whether to load rendered shading mode or not should depend on the workspace:
It would use the fallback if you save on a workspace that uses rendered mode. But if you use rendered on one workspace, but save with another workspace selected, it should keep the shading mode instead.
Of course making it an option would solve that problem either way.

it's still not ideal to load it in LookDev mode with potentially heavy Eevee materials

This point makes no sense, as LookDev is actually saved and loaded correctly without using any fallback. So why not let rendered fallback to LookDev instead?