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Volumetric shaders and Subsurface Scattering not rendering on AMD GPU / OpenCL
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System Information
iMac Pro 8core Vega 64
MacOS 10.13.6

Blender Version
Blender 2.97b
Blender 2.80 alpha2

Dear developers, according to and
GPU rendering should already work with all features.
But at least on my system Subsurface Scattering and Volumetric effects do not show up in render output when rendering on GPU.
CPU rendering works.

On Blender 2.8 using hybrid rendering, the tiles do not match because the ones rendered by GPU do not show SSS.

Please see attached files:
System info
screenshot of hybrid rendering on Blender 2.8



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Cycles: OpenCL on macOS has been disabled
There was a growing payload of bugs in Cycles related on OpenCL on macOS
platform, and those issues were caused by a compiler bug, which we have no
control over.
Surely, it is sometimes possible to work compiler bugs around from a
source, but we are facing some of the issues which are not solvable in this
way. Also, such solutions are usually short-living,. since adding more
features are often kicking compiler to provide buggy binary again.
In this case compiler will not get fixed since Apple decided to discontinue
OpenCL on its platform.
So the decision was made to drop support of OpenCL, keep official features
of Blender stable and predictable, and focus on things we have control over.
P.S. Older Blender releases are always available. Surely, this sounds like
using an ancient software without neat features. But we can't push Cycles
OpenCL on macOS measurably beyond that anyway.

Thats unfortunate for us Mac users... I guess there is not much of a chance that we will see Metal support in the future - maybe through the help of MoltenVK?