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Wrong vertex-per-face normal lines overlay
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System Information

Win 10 Home and graphics card Geforce 970

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80. Alpha 2, hash: b4dfe00fd60, 2.79, hash: 5bd8ac9
Worked: 2.79, hash: 5bd8ac9 - once

Short description of error
Overlay of vertex normals lines is wrong on sharp edges and od custom changed vertex normals; behaves like if there were all faces as flat


Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. create a cube
  2. make a bevel to all edges
  3. set Auto Smooth ON in Object data and set the Angle to 180
  4. selet all faces in edit mode and press mesh/shading/smooth faces
  5. select some edges and mark them as sharp via Edge/Edge data/Mark sharp
  6. select some other faces and set Mesh/Normals/Set from faces
  7. in Overlays set ON Display vertex-per-face normals as line
  8. observe wrong vertex normal lines, it does not show the correct number of normals and directions (shading of the model is OK though)



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Jan Javůrek (skywalger) renamed this task from Wrong vertex normal lines on sharp edges to Wrong vertex normal lines overlay.
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Jan Javůrek (skywalger) renamed this task from Wrong vertex normal lines overlay to Wrong vertex-per-face normal lines overlay.

Might be a duplicate of T57620 (or at least heavily related?)

it is not entirely a duplicate, I am also complaining about the number of rendered 2.79 it works as it should by my opinion (attached screenshots)

@Jan Javůrek (skywalger) : thanx for bringing the other issue over to T57620, assumed this would be solved all in one go...