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Properties Node View Hierarchy
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In the Properties, we display the Material nodes as a list for editing. However, the hierarchy is not communicated at all, making it very hard to use this view as soon as you add a tree of nodes. With some simple changes, we can make the hierarchy visible, like so:

While we are at it, decorators should be added here too, for easy key framing and better visualisation of the state.


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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Darkening the background may work for shallow hierarchies but for deeper hierarchies the background colour will get to a point where it can’t get any darker, at that point the node hierarchy will look as flat as it does now.

Using the material shader from the ‘Quick Explode’ I’ve created a few mock ups with varying degrees of decoration of a possible alternative for showing a hint to the hierarchy. It takes up no extra horizontal space, but a little extra vertical space.

Node editor view:

A couple of basic options for the properties editor (may be difficult to see):

Using the node colour theme from the node editor. If it’s considered bad practice to use the node editor theme in the properties editor, then maybe the colours could come from common‘node theme’:

And finally, including a node’s custom background colour:

Do they fit in to 2.80s look? What do you think?