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Add horizontal scroll bar to Text Editor
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Currently, there is no horizontal ruler in the text editor, even though the text continues outside the visible area:

We should add a horizontal scrollbar when text exceeds the width of the editor.


Differential Revisions
D4054: Add horizontal scrollbar to the Text Editor
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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Hey, I started on this one last weekend and I have a working version of the drawing functions - The scrollbar is correctly drawn according to line length and window size and so on.
I'll get the code to a presentable state and add mouse functionality over the next few weekends.
Just a question though:
What should the highlight be when the selection spans more than one line?
For example if "according to line length" to "I'll get the code" was selected, should there be two red line at the bottom? Should there be a red line at all?


@Amit Sari (Hamitos) Great. I think line highlighting doesn't make sense for the horizontal scrollbar - only the existing vertical one.

Hey, I have a diff ready here.
What happens now?