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Lines too thin on macOS
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MacOS 10.14.1
5K 27" 2017

Annotate Pencil too thin for Mac
Also please thickness unlimit not only up to 10.



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Cant get the Annotate layer thickness to be harmfully affected by UserPreferences > Display > Scale (so that seems fine).
Dont have a HiDPI display, but assume U.dpi has to be taken into account (havent looked into code though...)?

@Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) : mind having a look?

Actually, the annotation is done using GPU_SHADER_3D_UNIFORM_COLOR and not using the advanced shader (geometry shaders) used by Grease Pencil. We did this because annotation must not be as powerful as GP and we don't need the complications of the advanced shaders.

Using this GPU_SHADER_3D_UNIFORM_COLOR shader, limits the size to 10px because this is a technical limitation of the OpenGL (really, the specs only must support 1px, but usually works to 10px).I don't see any use of the HiDPI in the code, and this drawing method is used in several areas of Blender, so in many other places of the interface the thickness must be the same.

Maybe @Clément Foucault (fclem) can help us here.

Sigh. I am Usher Syndrome.

UserPreferences > Display >
I not see Display tab.

I have this same bug. Annotation strokes are always 1 pixel wide - it completely ignores the display scale and the stroke thickness.

I am on an iMac 5K with AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB.

Oh well I am use iMac 5K
Also scale 2.0 I already set long time ago.

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Then it looks your driver is supporting only 1 pixel width in the line primitive. I will ask Clément about this.

Good good goooooooood.

@Antonio Vazquez (antoniov): GP objects display correct - could we just use the same method for both?

Yes, I can, but not sure if this is the solution. Grease Pencil uses a vertex->geometry->fragment shader with more complexity and params and not sure if we "want" this complexity in annotations.

I let you know. I can't speak voice. I am full deaf and I know sign language so I can use screen record to explain object then write pencil thickness stroke so they can look up youtube how to work on Blender 2.80.

I had this problem when I was testing for T56199: Crash on Annotation in (VSE) Image Preview. I can't remember if it is exactly the same issue or not, because of T55535 and the and the fix for T56199 makes it damn near impossible to test Annotations in the sequencer preview. Not sure about writing in 2.80a but opening 2.79b file in 2.80 the line thickness does not change with DPI scaling.

iMac already set 5120 x 2880 Retina because of 5K

This is related to most mac not supporting GL_LINE_WIDTH > 1.0.

This is related to T57570.

Ideally I would like to have something that does not rely on geometry shader for that so that it's supported on metal in the future. But maybe I'm asking too much.

The idea would be to have a special shader variation for each builtin shader if the current line width is greater to the max supported size. The tricky thing is to add the geometry shader pass to any builtin shader without having the need to rewrite them.

Just saw this, this is most likely the same issue as #T64822 ( not sure how to link other tasks directly yet)

Is this something that will be looked on for 2.8 or beyond? This is most likely an issue on other platforms with high resolution displays with OS DPI scaling as well.

Oh well I show you other picture and you can see.

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