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scene scale bug in units cm/m and impact on smart uv project
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System Information
Win 7 64 bit pro

Blender Version
Broken: (2.79.5 #e77d2b4)
Worked: (dont know if worked)

Short description of error
when you open blender and create a new scene and set units to metric/cm ( I did not check on imperial) then when creating some objects and try to do smart UV project, island margin has little range of distance between islands in comparison to the same but in meters units. It has range from 0 to 1 but final distance is 100x smaller
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. open blender in default settings
  2. set units to length-metric, meters
  3. add another cube.
  4. result : second cube is as big as default. when you go to edit mode, check edge info:length and start changing in scene/units between cm/m then edge length keep units( or 2cm or 2m)
  1. open blender in default settings
  2. set units to length-metric, centimeters
  3. add another cube.
  4. result: second cube is 100x bigger as default and has 200cm instead of 2cm

this happends also when you do 1-2 steps, then delete default cube, change units from m to cm and add new cube- it will be 100x bigger.

it is very annoying and unworkable in cm units when doing unwrapping and using smart UV project. you cannot set desired distance of islands because it is to small in its range

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#brecht , the problem still exists. tried on #9a5df92c1bd
when I do steps 5-6 and then do smart uv project, it is ok, but when I do steps 5-7 then the result is as in step 8. It should add another cube but in cm not meters( or if it does it in meters then smart uv should work in island margin 100x more).
Also when I open older scene created in 2.78 which at start was set to metric/cm and try to do smart uv then island margin changes very little.