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NodeWrangler - add texture for principled: extend func, clean
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Recentely I did some import operator for PBR textures, and realized it is quite simillar to this one in node wrangler.
I wanted to extend


with ao and alpha textures. As well to cleanup bump and normal relations (as a separate input textures).
It is based on nice presentation

Additionally, there are variation in spec/roughness ranges for almost every PBR texture source, so I've added adjust layer of nodes, for ease of use.

I've created this task to ask you all if i can update those changes. It is my first commit here for other author code.

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It's best to submit a patch to be reviewed:

I'm not sure adding extra nodes for adjustment in between by default is a good idea. Blender 2.8 material export for OBJ / FBX / Collada / GLTF will probably fail if the image texture is not directly connected to the socket.

I'm also not sure about multiplying AO with the base color. that's not physically correct. Usually AO textures are used as an approximation for indirect diffuse light, but baked in advance for better performance. However Cycles and Eevee already compute their own indirect diffuse light. Further, this should not normally affect direct lighting.

AO can be used like this for artistic purposes, but it should not be interpreted that way by default.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 24 2018, 11:32 PM

Hi, I know there is a lot to do around all the stuff and bugs, but i was just wondering if I did everything correct here?
If yes please just reply it is just waiting to review, don't even review it now.
If not please help me understand how to commit it to proper branch.

I made a reply some time ago here: D3991

Let's close this one in favor of the differential revision, easier to have the discussion in one place.