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Crash on switching to vertex paint mode after going to the modeling workspace
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System Information
Win10 64 bit; Ryzen 2700X CPU; Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU (very recent drivers); 32 gigs RAM

Blender Version
Broken: hash 26b1aa99436
Worked: unknown

Short description of error
If you go to the modeling workspace (where your selection goes into editmode) and then you go from editmode to vertex paint mode, Blender 2.8 will quit.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Select the default cube, switch to the modeling workspace, change the mode from editmode to vertex paint mode

Event Timeline

Duplicate of T58066. The patch should be in tomorrow’s daily build.

Actually this is related to T57653, and happens under the same circumstances: when the selected object has only a base shape key, OR when it has a shape key with a nonzero value. If either of those are true, directly changing from edit mode to vertex paint mode will trigger a crash.

Cannot reproduce here.

Just a shot in the dark:
Does this also happen when blender is called from the commandline with the --threads 1 option?

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Could reproduce with the same conditions as in T57653 indeed.