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Link to the blend-file doesn't exist
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The link:

is available here <>__.

doesn't appear to exist.

It is mentioned in this paragraph:

An example blend-file, in fact, the one used to create the image above, is available here <>__. The blend-file takes one image from the Render Layer node \Blurs\ and blurs it while offsetting it *Translate* and then combining it *Alpha Over* to build up the progressive sequence of blurs. Play with the Value and Multiply nodes to change the amount of blurring that each algorithm does.

on this page:


plus the meaning of this part:

"while offsetting it *Translate* and then combining it *Alpha Over* to"

has a couple of grammar error. I think the word "it" should be "its". I will be committing a change regarding the grammar errors. The link will require the author of this article to correct it.



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Thanks for the report!
I can confirm that the link to the file is broken and I will look into fixing it.

For the improvements of the text grammar, your patch would be much appreciated!

Inês Almeida (brita_) closed this task as Resolved.Nov 29 2018, 11:11 PM

For the broken link I made a new File-not-found page that has a link to the same file in the archived wiki.
Previously, demo files were kept in the wiki, which was split into Manual and Developer Wiki.
For now, the page I did will help people find the content, but there should be a proper place to upload media for the manual. I created T58203 to discuss that.

For the grammar improvements, I see you committed already, so I'm marking as resolved.
Thanks for the report!