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Huion INSPIROY H640P Pen not working in new grease pencil
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Does the pen not work at all? Is it pressure that is not working? Does it work in other modes?

yes it works in other modes. also it works in blender annotations. But in grease pencil draw mode it is not working.

CPU Information:
intel pentium g4560
8gb ram
gtx 1050ti

If you disable pressure for strength and radius in grease pencil mode, does it then start working? I'm trying to figure out what exactly makes it different, if pressure is somehow related.

Also, you didn't mention which operating system you are using. If it's Linux, then tomorrow's build may fix the issue.

This is the problem I am talking about
I am using Windows 10 64 bit

CPU Information:
intel pentium g4560
8gb ram
gtx 1050ti 4gb Graphics card

Drawing Tablet- huion inspiroy h640p

It seems as if your pen is in "eraser mode" all the time. Most of the tools don't take that into account, but the drawing tool does.

Maybe try something like this?

Some tablets have a button configured to toggle the eraser function on/off, for some pens the other end can be used to erase.

@SUBHADEEP CHOWDHURY (scsubhadeep63) : is this still an issue? Has the above link helped in any way?

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