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Add Constraint with Empty Unavailable in Multi Object Pose Mode
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Win 7 64
Blender 2.8 26d5a3625ed, 2018-11-29 15:57

If you have two objects in pose mode, the [Shift+I / CTRL+Shift+C] commands to add IK / Constraints, will only give the option to add constraint to Active Bone, despite only one bone (in total) being selected.

This file contains two objects, one bone each. They're both in pose mode and only one bone is selected.
Press Shift+I , or Ctrl+Shift+C, to try to add a constraint, with a new empty object.



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I don't know exactly what to look at here tbh (because I don't use these tools usually). Are we talking about multiple problems?
Please try to make more clear what does not work exactly (or is different from what you expect).

And if there are multiple separate issues, please create a separate bug report for each of them.

In the constraints tab(s) in the Properties window, there is always a button at the top that bring a big list of different items (constraints) that you can add to the active bone/object.
When you add one of these items, their properties are empty and you then manually enter the targets/values.

Now, when you press ctrl+shift+c, you are given a "similar" window, that is called add constraints with target.
These items also add a constraint to the active item, just like the buttons in the properties window.

HOWEVER, these items also do one of two things:

  1. If two or more items are selected (bone+bone, object+object, bone+object, object+bone),
    • the constraint will be added to the active item, and then the targets for that constraint will be set towards the other item.
  1. If one item is selected,
    • the constraint will be added to the active item, then an empty object will be created and the constraint's targets will be set to that empty object.

[Shift + I] in pose mode brings a similar menu, which only works in Pose mode, as it only performs IK constraint creation.
However, shift+i's hotkey constraint creation never creates an empty object (similar to the button in the Properties window).

These are not separate issues, it's a singular issue affecting multiple actions.
If I were to list them as separate issues, I would be reporting around 15 specific things, all with the same root problem.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)
Why the switch?
This is a bug introduced in 2.8, in relation to the Multi-Objects Pose-Mode. It's impossible to test/reproduce in master.

It was decided to put all Blender bugs in a single tracker:

¿? (edtion) added a comment.EditedJan 3 2019, 8:57 AM

This may not be a bug but rather an oversight (mostly not a bug anyway)

First I show the expected result of adding most constraints, where an Empty Object is generated.
Second I show the problem when doing the same thing but with two objects selected for multi-object pose mode.

In 2.7, if you have two rigs selected, the active selected bone in the second rig will be the bone's target.
Since 2 objects are selected, this behavior still occurs but the oversight is that the second rig's bone isn't selected, so it's expected to default to an empty object.

I say that it's "mostly not a bug", because in 2.7 when the second rig doesn't have a bone selected, the bone target will be left empty, whereas in 2.8 the bone is filled despite it not being selected.

BUT the important part is it's supposed to create an empty object, not use the second rig's bones when they aren't even selected (only the rig object is, which is required to have both enter pose mode).

I got crash while testing this idea but it worked the second time I tried it:
If you deselect the rigs from the outliner, while both are still in Pose mode, you can get the intended result of creating an empty object, when only one bone is selected.

When you select the bones, the rig objects get selected as well, meaning you have to manually deselect them every time you want to do this bypass.

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nneds to be looked at again

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