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Dae parsing issue
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System Information
Operating system:Windows 10
Graphics card: NVidia gforce GTX660

Blender Version

Short description of error
It is a common error, when trying to upload an object to Second-life or Opensim, to be unable to upload a model,created in Blender, due to a "DAE parsing issue"
This object is one that is effected.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Export as .DAE file and upload to Opensim or Second-life

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This particular "DAE parsing issue" is caused by negative object scaling which the importers to SL and OpenSim seem to reject (see error logs in the Viewer). However negative Scales are actually not forbidden by the Collada specifications, so this is not an error in the Collada Exporter, but an error in the Model.

To make this i little bit more user friendly, we could add an option for "automatic apply scale" to the Blender exporter.

Thank you for your input! Actually I found a solution that seems to be working! Somebody happened to tell me that it's a bug and I should report it :P I probably should have tried a bit harder to research first!

Uh Gaia, I have another object with a dae parsing issue that has a normal scale ( the transform scale all 1.1.1? Is this what you mean?) Do you know what issues are likely to be causing this? It's hard to find recources on making models for Secondlifeand opensim :/

There are many reasons for getting parsing errors with Collada. But really, this report system is for reporting errors related to Blender and not so much about importing issues into target engines. Unless a target engine complains about wrong Collada format, then we are back at work here. But then we also need to know what the complaints are exactly. And a demo blend file of course, as always :)


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