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Selection in XRAY mode is broken
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Home x64
Graphics card: GTX 1080 Ti

Blender Version
blender 2.8, 2018-12-04 - 04:09
Hash: 925380050d0
Branch: blender 2.8

The selection of vertices on wireframe or xray mode is broken. After moving a vertice on Wireframe mode you can only pick up the same vert again by clicking on its previous position, not on it's current position.
Draging a selection box or using the selection brush around the vert doesn't do anything either.

A workaround is to change from edit mode to object mode and back to edit again, this way you can select the vert by clicking on it and not on its previous location.

This bug is very frustrating, specially when modeling in ortho trying to match a background sketch/picture.

The bug is very easy to replicate:

  1. Open any file with any geometry in it;
  2. Turn on Wireframe mode;
  3. Move any vert/edge/face away from the geometry;
  4. Try picking the same vert/edge/face again;
  5. Try clicking on the previous location of the vert and see the same vert that is now far away being selected.

I've tested this with the latest 5 or 6 builds of Blender 2.8 and the bug still exists.


I've tested with several 2.80 builds and every single one of them have this bug.

I did further testing and I can say that this bug also happens with faces and edges.

The problem seems to be XRAY. If I disable it I can select everything as it should, but this way I can't see through the object.

The problem still persists if I use XRAY with Matcap mode.



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Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Yeah, happens here as well (Linux, GTX980, Blender.280 ebfea8c).

Just an update. I've tried with the latest alpha 2 build and all 2.8 beta builds after 925380050d0 and the bug hasn't been fixed.

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