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Blender closing randomly with error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
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System Information
Operating system: Windows10 64bit
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M, VRAM: 4GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700HQ

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79c / 2.79b / 2.78c / 2.80-3ad9a94

Short description of error
The program crashes randomly, no matter if I'm using it or not if it's open it just crashes after a random amount of seconds.
Rendering is almost impossible, opening blender via cmd shows an error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

All my drivers are up to date, the bug persists in every version.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
There's no exact way to reproduce the bug, it just happens randomly while I'm using the software (especially while rendering).



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Bastien Montagne (mont29) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.Dec 3 2018, 10:47 AM

Thanks for the report, but there is pretty much nothing we can do with such info, besides stating that issue is most likely due to something in your specific hardware/software config… Some things you can try to narrow it down:

  • Try to disable any running antivirus.
  • Try to disable any custom input device (de-install their drivers even), like some graphic tablets, some 3D mice, etc.
  • Try to start Blender in factory settings (--factory-startup commandline option) (this will ensure whether this is a userpref or addon issue or not).
  • Try to tweak OGL settings in UserPreferences, System tab.
  • Try to tweak your GPU driver settings (e.g. try different values between 'performance' and 'quality' if you have such slider, etc.).
  • Launch Blender from the command line with -t 1 option (single thread mode).
  • Launch Blender from the command line with -d option and attach as text file here any error printed out in the console (do not paste it directly in comment).
  • Launch Blender from the command line with --debug-gpu option and attach as text file here any error printed out in the console (do not paste it directly in comment).
  • Try to place this dll next to your blender.exe (software OGL, will be slow, but will show whether this is a driver issue or not).

Thanks for being so quick in the response.
I tried everything you said, and I attached the error messages for the -d and --debug-gpu command line arguments, nothing really surprising by the way.
opengl32.dll doesn't seem to do much except it slows blender down quite a lot.
Every other thing you told me doesn't seem to have any effect, anyway now I know that it doesn't crash at a random time, but about after 30 seconds I open it. The same error goes again and again: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

Bastien Montagne (mont29) claimed this task.

Thanks for the tests… But am afraid we cannot much here.

We appreciate the effort that goes into making bug reports, but to be able to fix bugs we have to be able to redo them.
If there is anything you can provide to help others to reproduce the problem, be sure to include it.

for anyone who's got the same problem, I just tried to rollback my intel graphics card drivers and it actually worked.
Thanks for the effort you've put into this.