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Adjust for OSL 1.10.x changes
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OSL 1.10.2 has just been released, which now enforces parameters not marked as output to be read-only. See pull request 878.

This breaks five OSL scripts within cycles.

Mostly I have prefixed inputs with i and copied them to an internal variable. Rather than using in I chose ns as "noise seed".

In node_brick_texture.osl tint is set in the function and referenced after so is changed to an output. It is only set to 0.0 before the function so using as an output value makes sense.

In node_noise_texture.osl Fac was passed in and set in the function as well as receiving the functions return value, this could either be changed to an output parameter or be removed as a parameter and set with the return value. I chose to remove it as a parameter as no value is passed in to be used.

These changes should make no difference when used with earlier versions of OSL and should not alter any results from the nodes.