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Micro freezing when GPU usage 0-3% on a Hi_dpi screen (4k monitor in my case)
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: nvidia gtx 1070ti

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, a205493426b, blender2.8, 2018-12-03

These microfreezes are very annoying when i work, I constantly feel them with each click on the middle mouse button,
it is just disgusting, it feels as if you were breathing and you constantly had trouble breathing

When loading a video card around zero (0-3%), viewport creates microfreezes until the load grows
or I can constantly load GPU with something, let's say do playback (Shift +space)
and microfreezes go away because the video card loading is at a constant level of ~ 30%

I recorded two slow-mo videos to show the problem

  1. when GPU loading is 0-3%

  1. when GPU loading is ~25% and more

I couldn't record on my computer because the loading of the GPU increases when i press record button

Also when I use a blender on low_dpi screen, microfreezes are go away...



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I'm guessing this is because the video card is switching between power modes (to save power consumption).
Does it help if you switch this off in the nvidia settings?

Yes! Yes ! It does! so nice and smooth! But how we can help others users?

I don't think there is much to do but to tell them to turn of powersave for just blender:

@Clément Foucault (fclem) I don't think there is a way for programs to force the powersave modes, right?

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We actually have NvOptimusEnablement to hint the driver to use the NVIDIA card. But a bit of Googling shows this is not always reliable.

I'm also not sure that is much we can do here. It's mentioned in the documentation too:

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), this problem was not that the computer isn't using the Nvidia card, it's that the drivers think that the load is so low that they can clock down the card to save power.

Then when you rotate the view, the card is quickly going into high power mode and back to low power mode causing small freezes to happen.
So to solve this, we just told the card to not use the power save functionality and always run in performance mode regardless of the GPU load.