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2.8 Beta Crash with multires modifier + boolean
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What I did:

  • Added cube
  • Added multi-res modifier
  • Selected simple, subdivided a few times (4)
  • Sculpted some details
  • Duplicated object
  • Sculpted details on new object

When I tried to add both cubes together (as I've done in 2.79) I went into object mode reduced the resolution for to 0 for all options (rendered, scultped, etc.) then added a Boolean modifier and chose "Union".
made sure I was in Object mode and solid surface, not Wireframe.

hit apply

instantly crashes

With further attempts, I found if I select to hide the effects of the multi-res completely (Use Modifier during render & Display modifier in viewport) it works but crashes as soon as I re-enable them.



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Can you add a blend file so I can try this out easily? There is a lot of bug reports flooding in so it would be great if I could check this quickly