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Objects in viewport become white after consecutive sleep and wake. Fedora, NVIDIA drivers installed)
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System Information
Asus Laptop N550JK. Intel® Core™ i7-4700HQ
Operating system: Fedora 28, Kernel ->4.19.4-200.fc28.x86_64
Gnome: Version 3.28.2
OS Type: 64-bit
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 850M/PCIe/SSE2, (add. info. It has Optimus)

Blender Version
blender 2.8, 26d5a3625ed, 2018-11-29
blender 2.79b also has the similar problem.

Short description of error
Having nvidia drivers installed as described by negative 17, after waking from a OS sleep while blender is opened, blender kind of looses its connection with graphics driver and all the functionality of blender associated with NVIDIA graphics driver becomes corrupted. Thus making the color of objects in view port null, when["Layout"].shading.type is set to "LookDev" or "Rendered". If I change the render engine from Evee or Cycles to Workbench or in Cycles change the Device to CPU, the view port colors becomes functional but the remains for the GPU Device or Evee selected. Before sleeping the OS, CyclesPreferences.compute_device_type shows both CPU and GPU for selection, but after waking system it disappears.
PS: I have tried all other graphics driver repositories except direct installation of the files downloadable from NVIDIA website.
Closing and reopening or killing the blender process in terminal doesn't bring back the GPU support but solves the white color problem.
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Making the problem:
From the default startup -> change view port display method to LookDev or Rendered -> sleep the fedora by fn+F1 keystroke -> wake the computer
My current work around:
Close blender and open it again.



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This is almost certainly a bug in the graphics driver stack. We don't do anything on sleep/wake, nor can I think of anything that we should be doing. This is really the operating system and graphics driver responsibility, we don't have control over this in Blender.

You can report a bug to NVIDIA if you want.

Thanks Brecht for your response. But other GPU intensive applications and games behave normally.
After a series of try and error I've found a temporary solution until NVIDIA resolves this bug. If you encounter white shaded view port object after sleep and wake of fedora and you don't want to restart display server: set 3D view to Solid -> quit Blender -> put fedora in sleep -> wake fedora -> open Blender.
PS: If 3D view be on Solid when OS sleep is triggered after waking up there will be no problem.