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Crashing when viewing a 2d plane from side ortho views that would project the plane as a line
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using windows 10, a 980ti, and on another pc a 1080

the file

seams to crash any time it is viewing a flat mesh, such as a plane or a circle from a side ortho view. i can add them when only viewing a 3d view. but the second i go into a side ortho that would see a flat plane. blender crashes. if i rotate flat planes so that the side view no longed would see a flat plane its fine. but if i rotate it flat it crashes. this is the same for my friend who has a vary similar file. we are following the same workflow but not working with the same files or meshes. but we do have the same reference images. deleting them seams to do nothing to fix the issue. sorry about poor audio. been having mic issues also i apologize for poor commentary. its a bit late to be dealing with this. lol

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I could not reproduce on e79bb957fc3. Have you tried downloading a newer version of 2.80? New builds are released daily.

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sorry i dont think i followed the format correctly. will be re writeing post. also have way more info. just downloaded 2.8 about 2 hours before post

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Please do not set priority yourself, and please, please, please do minimal work of searching for similar reports before creating a new one! We already have that report twice in past 30 reports or so!