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[home] Key (or [Pos1]-Key ) zooms to nothing...
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Operating system: Linuxmint 18.0
Graphics card:Geforce GTX1050

Blender Version
e79bb957fc3, blender2.8, 2018-12-08

When using the [home]-Key to zoom all Objects to screen, nothing is shown anymore in the viewport.

I imported an DXF-File in Blender 2.79 an saved it.
then I opened the file in 2.8
I scaled the the object to the right unit.

Then I used Archipack

And later as I want to zoom extend... nothing is seen in the viewport anymore.

I couldn't get my scene back.

Then I open a new file and appended my scene.
The new Sceen with the cube works find until I switch to the appendes scene and press [home]
switching back to scene 1 shown nothing, too.
But when I press [home] on screen 1 now, I can see the objects.
switching to scene 2... all the objects are there, too.