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UI: Text button cursor contrast is too low in the default theme
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The default theme has a very low contrast cursor

While it's visible, it can be hard to spot under poor (real world) lighting conditions (some small reflection on the monitor, LCD screen not at ideal view angle etc).

Text cursors should always have high contrast - there is no advantage in being subtle here :)

Not sure if this is intended or not, so opening a report.

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This is a tough one to theme, as it seems like it doesn't have a separate dedicated theme setting.

There's a reason why text cursors usually blink. We could add that in Blender too. Not a bug though.

This is why we added the category of 'paper cuts' - these kinds of little niggles that are not technically bugs, but little annoyances, we haven't been good at tackling in the past.

Even if this blinks it can be hard to see - if I move my head 20cm to the right on my laptop I can barely see it for eg.

The python console and text editor & 3d text all have high contrast cursors, just text buttons don't.

Could be solved by a combination of theme change and blinking?

@Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez): Can you look at theme here?

I wish the cursor had it's own color setting.