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Switching Between Bones and Model
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 64Bit
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GT 740m

Blender Version
(2.8 release)
Date: 2019.01.21 Hash: dd3f5186260e
Worked: (Armeture and Mesh)

In 2.7 versions of Blender we could weight paint mesh while we can rotate or tweak bone transform. But in 2.8 we can not make it same workflow. I know when mesh selected we can shirt + raight click to select the bone that we want but we can not rotate or adjust to see how is deformation will look. You have to go back to object mode > choose bone to pose mode > select bone and rotate or tweak to see bad deformations. This is just a problem about practicality and this is really important.



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I don't really understand what the issue here is. I can right click select to switch between the active bone in weight paint mode.

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Combined weight and pose mode with transform is supported currently.