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Hair broken when appending a character.
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Hair radius values get reset on a character when trying to append it or link it.
The test character works fine in 2.79 and also in 2.8, but not when being linked or appended into the scene - then hair shape radius and tip/root scaling get ruined/reset to default values.

The file I found this issue on is here on my GDrive:

Let me know if I should create a simpler file when it's needed, but I assume the issue is quite clear.



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Just for fun and to point out seriousnes of this issue, it goes from this :

to this:

and here{F6038276}
is a much smaller file to show the issue.
btw same thing happens when appending object or collection(as in case of the character) also same with linking.

It's an issue with versioning linked Cycles data, same as another bug even though they may appear unrelated.

Saving the file once in Blender 2.8 works around the issue.

Well, since reporting this one I actually found several weird bugs when linking /appending data, and didn't report those since I thought linking/appending might be unfinished.
So this can't be expected to be fixed, and more reports of this type shouldn't be submitted?

It's intended to be fixed, just not need to have multiple reports about the same underlying bug.