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Preferences window opening behind main window when in fullscreen mode
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.80 (sub 39), branch: master, commit date: 2018-12-22 09:56, hash: 4c5e76025d83, type: Release

Short description of error
When in fullscreen mode, the preferences window opens behind the main window (but still gets input focus).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Launch Blender,
click "Toggle window fullscreen" in the "Window" menu to make the main window occupy the entire screen,
click "Preferences..." in the "Edit" menu.

Expected result: The preferences window should open in front of the main window and receive input focus.

Observed result: The preferences window opens behind the main window but receives input focus anyway, making parts of the main window temporarily unresponsive to mouse clicks. Alt-Tab (on Windows) reveals the preferences window.

Event Timeline

Can't reproduce this here. Preferences always comes in on top.

Windows 10, Nvidia 1060.

Is this a window manager setting - something about raising new windows/windows with focus?
/disclaimer - not a windows guy

Some more observations:

  • Clean install of latest stable Nvidia driver (417.35) didn't fix the issue.
  • Reproduced with latest published build: version: 2.80 (sub 39), branch: blender2.7, commit date: 2018-12-23 21:42, hash: e5e885d0ecb9, type: Release
  • Also reproduced on wife's PC (with Nvidia GeForce GTX 970).

Knowing that the preferences window always opens near the top left corner of the screen, it's actually possible to blindly grab it by the title bar and drag it around. However, that won't bring it to the foreground either. Only after Alt-Tabbing you can see that it actually moved.

Any other video devices in the system? Other video cards or Intel integrated graphics say? If so are you sure Blender is running on the 1070?

I get some odd(ish) behavior when I run on my laptop's Intel integrated graphics rather than the 1060. The screen flashes when opening the Preferences window and there's a delay after clicking the close box to dismiss the Preferences window. On the 1060 it's perfectly smooth.

Maybe do a Help->Save System Info and add that here.

Our PCs are i5/i7 desktops with dedicated Nvidia cards. The integrated Intel GPUs are disabled at the BIOS/UEFI level and don't show up in Windows system configuration.

If you go to the folder where your 2.80 is installed, inside there is a 2.80 folder. If you go inside that and make a new "Config" folder (without the quotes) then that version of Blender will keep its configuration files there locally rather than using existing system-wide preferences. When you then start up Blender it will have a completely clean default config (it should start out asking for your left/right selection preference etc. on the splash screen).

If you try that it eliminates any chance it's something weird in the existing config files (probably only possible if you have had earlier versions of 2.80 on the machine(s) in the past.

Other than that, we may have to see if anyone else encounters the same issue / can reproduce it. There are various generic Windows issues related to application windows coming up in back rather than in front, but none of them seem applicable here that I've been able to see. Your setup sounds pretty simple and straightforward to me. Maybe someone else will have something to suggest.

I deleted the folder "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation" before running each test.

I thought that was a feature! I had this bug since the earliest builds of 2.8 and been using it ever since... Practically every 2.8 build I've downloaded I had this and still have it and there's no option to tick always on top in preferences and I know a lot of people thought that this was a feature rather than a bug, lol. My specs are:

Operating system: Windows 10, 64 bit, 16 gb ram ddr3
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 1070, 8gb vram

I can make you a video if you want to, I'm also using two monitor setup. I've been alt tabbing since the earliest builds to open properties window, lol.

Also, I've done a clean install of Blender 2.8 deleting all settings of it a couple of times and removing all add-ons and using only core addons, this bug was always there, It would always appear behind the main window.

I guess what's happening here is that on hybrid Intel/Nvidia (Optimus) notebooks such as Gavin’s, fullscreen mode is actually borderless windowed mode, which is why he can't reproduce the issue.

I also have the same bug on my MSI notebook with i7-7700hq and 1050 gtx 2bg vram 16 gb ram.

I also found another computer here with just a 1070 in it and that reproduces the problem!

And also when you ctrl + q to exit the popup window is underneath the main window, you have to blindly press enter to close Blender when you use that hotkey combination.

I have this problem. If I go into fullscreen and then open Preferences, the entire interface blinks black for a split second and then opens the Preferences window behind the main one. However, in terms of interaction logic, the interface still 'thinks' Preferences is in focus - I can edit values and hit buttons even though it is rendered behind the main window, and any buttons I want to press on the main window are blocked.

I am using an up-to-date 2.80 build - hash 2826c2be545e currently, but have experienced this throughout the course of the beta. On Windows 10 Pro version 1703. Desktop resolution of 1920x1080. No display scaling or anything fancy, although I do have a 2nd monitor attached. GPU is an Nvidia GTX 1070 on drivers 417.35. No integrated graphics of any kind.

this happens for me too. i've never used fullscreen mode before so I hadn't noticed it before.
I also have a GeForce GTX 1070 on windows 10 pro x64

I have the same problem with the old version. But with this version : blender-2.80.0-git.2778ecb58cd2-windows64 (02-05-2019) all work fine. I have notebook Asus whit hybrid Intel/Nvidia (Optimus) geforce 940mx and

In my computer desktop with only geforce, win 7 64 bit, I have the problem. I see that the windows preference appears for one second in front off and then desappear rear the pincipal view.

Same issue here, since the earliest builds, screen flickers black when opening Preferences (appears in front momentarily and then disappears until alt-tab), switching Shading modes or doing things like adding Materials. No issue with 2.79b or earlier. GTX 1080/Win 10.

It does seem to be related to it not being a borderless window anymore (I presume? Not an expert), but I see similar issues with games when running fullscreen instead of borderless and alt-tabbing.

i had the same issue as OP, as well as the screen flickering in black when opening preferences.
enabling nvidia stereoscopic 3d in the nvidia driver settings fixed it for me.

i had the same issue as OP, as well as the screen flickering in black when opening preferences.
enabling nvidia stereoscopic 3d in the nvidia driver settings fixed it for me.

That's really weird, considering the fact that you can turn it on only when you use specific hardware for stereoscopic 3d, also turning this option on will distort the image on your monitor in a very severe way. There has to be another more orthodox solution, this is a very pesky bug indeed.

i had the same issue as OP, as well as the screen flickering in black when opening preferences.
enabling nvidia stereoscopic 3d in the nvidia driver settings fixed it for me.

I can also confirm the constant flickering in black when opening preferences here using Nvidia 1070.

That's really weird, considering the fact that you can turn it on only when you use specific hardware for stereoscopic 3d, also turning this option on will distort the image on your monitor in a very severe way. There has to be another more orthodox solution, this is a very pesky bug indeed.

you dont need specific hardware to turn it on, just choose the "3D Vision Discover" type of display, it will not try to detect it, as it is just a regular display using red/blue glasses.
but your are right, it will switch to 3d vision mode on some games, not on blender or regular applications, though.
@Chingiz Jumagulov (Krayzmond) could you give it a shot and try to confirm that it would get rid of the flickering?

Hi! I made a video of the whole bug. I can also confirm that turning on stereoscopic mode does not solve the problem for me. Flickering is still there. Also please note that for some reason, when I capture the video, the flickering (black screen) is being recorded/captured for a couple of seconds (I guess when the flickering appears OBS( software that I've used to capture the video) has to reconnect to the monitor to start recording again that's why there's a bigger lag ), when in reality it just a fraction of a second of a black screen. But, as you can see in the video, preferences window and quit window prompts are still appearing behind the main window in full-screen mode and black screen flickering is still being present.

P.S. Also, for some reason, when I roam around the menus the highlights of the menu items in the video are somewhat incorrect, jumpy and flickery when in reality all items seem to highlight correctly.

aight. i should point out that i actually have one of those nvidia 3d vision supporting displays, so your take on trying it out with a regular display is worth more.
thank you very much for taking time for all of this!

In my computer desktop with geforce GTX 650, win 7 64 bit, I have the problem with the last build too. In this pc I have the 2.79 b version and whit this all work fine.

Same issue. It happens not only for preference window but I guess for all minor windows (for exemple Render - F12)
win 10 - 64 bit / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 [last driver version] / 2.80, dbfbd6b9043d, 2019-03-16

I can confirm that Ruslan said. I have the same behavior. For me, when you put in full screen, the main windows is set for always on top.

So I've done some poking around and testing with an old freeware app called WinExplorer, which lets you inspect and alter various window state/style properties. Here's what I've found:

When in Fullscreen mode, unchecking the 'WS_POPUP' box in the 'Style' tab completely fixes both the invisible/background Preferences window and flickering black screen issues for me.

Additional findings, in case they're any use:

When in windowed mode, unticking 'WS_DLGFRAME' will make Blender run Fullscreen too, without any noticeable issues.

I hope that's some help for squishing these two bugs.

I downloaded the 2.8 source and edited the GHOST_WindowWin32.cpp file and made a patch that removes the WS_POPUP flag references and changed the getState() function logic that determines what state the Blender window is currently in (I think?). Instead of checking for WS_POPUP, it now checks if the window has both WS_DLGFRAME and WS_MAXIMIZE, as WS_DLGFRAME doesn't seem to be present when in fullscreen, according to WinExplorer. I don't know if that's a safe way of doing things as I have no experience in this area and this is the first time I've ever done this.

Compiled and tested and everything seems good to me. You can toggle Maximized, Fullscreen etc. as expected. Question is, does it break anything for anyone who's not already experiencing these issues?

It's been a while since I poked around in there, but I *thought* the general problem is that our "temp" windows, like standalone Prefs, are not created as proper child windows. I think all windows (main, secondary, temp) are made with the same ghost createWindow and the "parent" for all of them is set to zero. So our "child" windows are really more like siblings. So it doesn't matter what we set for things like "TOP_MOST" since we don't have the relationship set right.


Thank you! Awesome :)